Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hidden Garden of Mamilla

Nestled below the swimming pool of the fancy David Citadel Hotel on King David street, you will find this small put lovely garden.  It features a man made water fall, apparently attached to the hotel's swimming pool, which runs into a rectangular pool in the courtyard of some over priced apartments off of Yitshak Kariv Street.

The water looks to be about knee deep, or just enough for Dubi (my dog) to paddle in.  I have visited this park 3-4 times.  Every time it was void of other visitors.  As it is gated, I took the opportunity to unleash Dubi and give her a wet and wild game of fetch.  She loves to jump in and out of the pool, then run laps around the perimeter.  

Don't forget to bring a stick.

Directions (on foot).
Find your way to the entrance of the David Citadel Hotel.  It is located on the corner of King David and Yitshak Kariv Streets.  With the hotel on your right shoulder, turn right at the corner onto Yitshak Kariv Street and walk about 30 meters until you pass the hotel.  On your right side, you will see a guard booth situated before a gated entrance.  Note that the guard booth was empty and the gate was unlocked the few times that I have visited.   Push the gate open and walk in.

View from Kariv street.

Looks private and restricted, but it is not!

Above is the hotel swimming pool.

The location.
Snipped from google maps.
Fetching and swimming is hard work.